Our smoke machines are very powerful and made for professional use.

SonicBoom X is a machine that can simulate a CO2 effect. Using 3000 watt power it creates a smoke fountain with up to 10m height.

In SonicBoom X mode the smoke is compressed to 10 bar and shoots out immediately.

SONICBOOM X Smokejet ​

Our SonicBoom creates a fast and strong CO2 effect completely without CO2. The CO2 is very qick (ca. 0,2 Sec.). The shot height reaches 10m, you can also use it as a normal vertical-smokemachine with LED.

LED Power: 5Watt 35 PCS

Technical Data:

Type: SonicBoom X
Dimensions: 482mmx408mmx215mm
Weight: 17,2kg
Performance: 220V - Mode Normal: 1500Watt, CO2 Mode 3000Watt
Output: 10m height 1600cbm/ min

Tank:  2,5 liter
Working temperature: -10°C to 50°C

GTIN (EAN)  9120082400237





SONICBOOM PLUS is the latest generation of smoke machines with dual production of smoke, using double output. It is designed for professional needs and using thereby faster and denser effects.

  • Dual smoke machine system with dual output
  • generates no CO2, ecofriendly
  • Cost effective consumables
  • Half power mode, lower power supply requirement
  • Unique constant pressure system, consistent smoke effect
  • Pipeline integration technology, easy maintenance, stronger burst
  • Independent smoke column color change
  • 10m output
  • Controllable via DMX


Technical Data:

Type: SonicBoom Plus
Dimensions: 500mmx324mmx325mm
Weight: 28kg
Work Power: 3000W/1500W (220V version) 2000W (110V version)
Output: 10m height 1600cbm/ min
LED Power: 8W*39Pcs
Heat - up Time: 220V version: 9 minutes, 110V version: 11 minutes
Max Continuous Output Duration: 10 seconds
Smoke Output 80 000cuft/min
DMX Channels: 1/11/14 channels optional 400
Tank: 5 liters

GTIN (EAN): 9120082400312


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