• sparkeling fountains without pyrotechnics

  • Flameprojectors using bioethanol

  • CO2-free smoke effects


Welcome at the Showven Europe website!


We are your partner for innovative event technology and groundbreaking effects!

We offer "pyrotechnics" without fire that allow you to upgrade your event completely safe.
In addition to that we sell flame projectors and smoke machines without CO2.

Take a look around, we are looking forward to impressing you and your clients!


Our innovative flame systems allow you to create creative and breathtaking fireshows. The moving-head-jets shoot jets of fire in fractional seconds to all directions.

Trigger-in is new and innovative: A pre-installed sequence can be started with an ignition system.

We highly value safety, quality and precision in all of our systems. They are all high quality processed and make use of safety sensors as well as 2 high-pressure pumps and a double valve to match highest safety claims.



Smoke effects without CO2

Our smoke machines are very powerful and made for professional use.

SonicBoom X is a machine that can simulate a CO2 effect. Using 3000 watt power it creates a smoke fountain with up to 10m height.

In SonicBoom X mode the smoke is compressed to 10 bar and shoots out immediately.